Carpe Diem is bringing personalized learning to San Antonio in Fall 2015.  In schools serving 6th through 12th grade, Carpe Diem combines classroom instruction, group projects, and rigorous, adaptive learning software to create a personalized curriculum for each student.  Carpe Diem believes that education needs to evolve with technology, and our program leverages technology to allow students to learn at their own pace.

Carpe Diem will open its first campus in San Antonio in Fall 2015, initially enrolling grades 6-10 and adding one grade level each year until the campus serves grades 6-12 in 2017.  For the latest news on campus location and enrollment, join the interest list.

Here are some quick facts about Carpe Diem:

  • Carpe Diem schools have been rated among the best high school programs in the nation by Business Week and U.S. News & World Report.
  • Each student learns each subject at his or her own pace. Accelerated students can earn college credit, tuition-free while still in high school.
  • Each student is assigned a personal trainer who focuses on teaching students how to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Carpe Diem has had extraordinary results in getting children with special needs to college.

To learn more about Carpe Diem, watch the video below or use our form to request additional details about upcoming information sessions and the enrollment process.

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About Carpe Diem Schools
Carpe Diem is a public charter school, meaning it is:

  • Publicly funded and tuition-free;
  • Not affiliated with any religion;
  • Required by law to serve all students and accommodate special needs; and
  • Is nonselective, meaning if more students sign up than can be accommodated, a random public lottery is held to determine who is accepted.

About Carpe Diem San Antonio

  • Carpe Diem’s innovative educational model transforms teachers into one-on-one mentors and ensures each student is constantly challenged.
  • Carpe Diem schools serve 6th-12th grade.
  • Carpe Diem plans to open its first San Antonio Campus in the fall of 2015.