About Families Empowered

Families Empowered is Texas’ only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping parents choose the schools their children will attend. Current Executive Director Colleen Dippel founded Families Empowered in 2010 to support the escalating number of families searching for a great school for their child. Their mission is to empower families to engage in a marketplace of schools. Families Empowered believes that every child should have access to a high-quality education, regardless of income. They want families to know that when it comes to selecting a school, parents have a voice in the choice.

The Waitlist Problem

Families Empowered serves all parents in need of assistance navigating the marketplace of schools. However, the growing demand for seats in high-quality charter schools in San Antonio has created a problem for tens of thousands of families. Unable to serve all the children that are applying for their schools, these public charter Schools are forced to put students on long waitlists. According to the Texas Charter Schools Association, Texas has more than 141,000 students on charter school waitlists.

How Families Empowered Helps

Families Empowered connects with families looking for school options, creates empowered families and schools by sharing credible information about school choices in and around the cities we serve, and connect families with schools and schools with families.

Each year, Families Empowered serves thousands of parents by providing access to tools, resources and events to choose a school for their child.

Families Empowered does not advocate for one schooling option over another; they connect parents to all their school options, and introduce schools to families who are actively looking for alternatives.

Through the organization’s summer Call Center, Families Empowered builds person-to-person relationships with parents, providing them credible information about school options in their area. Thousands of phone calls are made each year to support parents during their search for a high-quality school.

Families Empowered brings parents immediate and actionable information about current enrollment opportunities, on behalf of schools with ability to serve their students. These enrollment campaigns help parents connect to real opportunities to get off of these waitlists.

The organization serves even more families in need of support year-round, via email, phone calls, social media and their website.